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By replacing the old pipes in your home with new, high quality copper pipes, you will have:

  • Great Water Pressure
  • Clean, Clear Water
  • High Quality Plumbing with no more leaky pipes
  • The Ability to Shower Without Consulting the Washing Machine
  • Greater Peace Of Mind because Your Piping System is Secure
  • A Positive Selling Point for Your Home

We Use Materials That Last…Period

With Repipe Specialists we always use the best quality materials so you won’t have to worry about your plumbing. We have been installing the finest plumbing materials since the company began in 1991.

Type L Copper Piping

Type “L” Copper Piping — We use thicker copper piping than required by law for durability and strength. Compare the thickness of the type “L” tubing to the type “M” that most companies use.

Bronze Ball Valve Shut-Offs

Ball Valve Shut-Offs — Superior to typical shut-off valves. Ball valves turn on and off with only one-quarter of a turn for easy, fast use.

Stainless Steel Tubing

Stainless Steel Supply Tubings — The stainless steel tubings we use will last a lifetime, quite unlike the plastic tubings most-often used.

Insulated Water Pipes

Insulated Water Lines — We insulate all the water pipes under your house to help retain heat in your hot water lines and help keep your cold water lines cool.

Pressure-Balancing Tub/Shower Valves

Pressure-Balancing Tub/Shower Valves — Designed to eliminate fluctuations/bursts of either hot or cold water in your tub and shower. Plus, these specially made valves have a very low zinc content (less than 5%) to prevent dezincification.

Our Guarantee

You will receive a 100% Lifetime Guarantee On All the Workmanship and a Manufacturers Warranty On All Parts and Material.

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